Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Week 3

Even So
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Thing 5

I couldn't decide what picture to post from Flickr, then I ran across a few of my band. Apparently we have some very unambitious paparazzi out there.

Thing 6

In keeping with the theme, I went and played with a Flickr-based CD cover creator. Which might come in handy very soon. Really, all it's doing is adding a picture to a folding template. but, still, that's somewhat neat. Saves us the trouble of trying to figure out the exact origamical (it's a word now!) formula.

Thing 7

I'll go ahead and finish off my little band theme by raving about CDBaby. It's an online music store that allows pretty much anyone to sell CD's through them. You send them a few CD's, they take a cut of each one you sell through their site. It's the easiest way for a small band to sell CD's without physically being there.

The international nature of it makes it rather amusing as well. Always worth a chuckle when some guy in the middle of Iceland picks up a copy ofyour latest EP.

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