Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Week 4

Thing 8

I'm not such a big fan of RSS or newsreaders. I know it's a silly thing to say, but it feels too easy. Too abbreviated. I enjoy my time hopping around blogs and news sources. I enjoy the tangents, the extra links and graphics.

For me, it might boil down to a sort of low-grade ADHD. Having everything coming from one source doesn't keep my attention very well. I'm more likely to have several windows open, several websites going at once, so I can sit there and bounce from one to the other.

As a library resource, however, it could be very handy. Having an RSS of hand-picked material attached to the library website could make it a more heavily trafficed area. With increasing focus on the internet for information, the traffic coming through a library's website may be as important as the number of patrons actually coming physically to the building.

Thing 9

MERLIN was fairly interesting, but I'm still not sold on all the RSS stuff.

I went through all the search tools and found that, for the most part, they were turning up lots of junk and useless feeds. felt like I had to sift through a lot to find what I was looking for.

of those listed, Feedster seemed the most straightforward and easy to use.

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